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Superior Drummer has been redesigned to introduce a new, improved workflow with countless added features and a huge amount of raw sound material.

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Superior Drummer 3 is now more than a drum production tool and provides you with a virtual studio with unlimited possibilities for honing, shaping and molding drums without creative restraints. The Superior Drummer 3 setup includes an additional eleven room microphones set up in a surround configuration, for use in anything from stereo all the way up to Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 License Code. Toontrack Superior Drumme Export export-ru musicstore.

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3. Drum Production Studio - Software Instrument. Along the base of the main window are five ever—present control sections.

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The other three sections all refer to the currently selected kit piece, and particularly useful are the EZ Mixer controls, which mean that the full Mixer window doesn't have to be opened just to make a quick level adjustment to one element of the kit. Perhaps the most significant development in the GUI is the Mixer window. This features separate channels for each virtual microphone, and, as there are multiple mic positions for the kick and snare as well as the overheads and ambient mics, this gives a very detailed level of control over how the kit sounds.

Mixing the sampled drums of SD 2. Each channel features slots for insert effects, although you are limited to the selection of EQ five—band , Gate, Compressor, Transient and high— and low—pass Filter supplied with SD 2.

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That said, these all sounded very good to my ears. As well as a standard master output, SD 2. Clicking on the Output button towards the bottom of each channel strip allows a mic to be routed to a particular output pair or to one of the 16 buses. The Bus Send Bleed and Bleed Control knobs allow the user to specify the degree of microphone bleed from each kit piece into other microphones.

Clicking on the Edit button under a channel's Bleed Control knob allows the amount of bleed to be specified on a drum—by—drum basis. I suspect that this degree of control may be over the top for the needs of most users, but if you do want ultimate control for an ultra—realistic sound, SD 2. The SD 2.

How do I install Superior Drummer 3 from a Download?

Toontrack supply an excellent collection of MIDI loops in a variety of styles and time signatures, and users can specify the paths to any other MIDI loop libraries they may have installed on their hard drive. The EZ Player Pro window is divided into two areas: the upper section simply provides a Browser window where MIDI loops can be searched and selected; and underneath is the multi—track Arranger window.

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In between these two is a strip of controls that include a playback option for auditioning the currently selected MIDI loop within the Browser. While many users might prefer to do their loop arranging in their DAW, the Arrange window does offer some interesting possibilities. For example, each track can have multiple Layers, and a different loop can be placed in each Layer, with options to play all layers, cycle through them or select one at random with each playback pass.


As the MIDI output from EZ Player Pro can be recorded into your DAW, there are also some excellent creative possibilities to be had by offsetting the loops within different tracks to create new performances. This would work particularly well with tracks containing percussive parts. Given the DFH Superior pedigree, it should come as no surprise that the sophisticated functionality provided by the combination of SD 2. When you consider that there are approximately , individual samples in the library and that these are spread across a relatively small number of individual drums and cymbals, the word 'detailed' probably doesn't do the sampling strategy justice.

The library includes three kicks, seven snares, three hi—hats, five toms, six cymbal setups, four rides and a cowbell.

Download Toontrack – Superior Drummer VST for Mac OS X

In almost all cases, multiple articulations are included for example, seven different types of snare hits as well as a variety of sticks, brushes and mallets. Compared with the slightly more expensive BFD2, there is probably not quite as much variety in the SD 2.

That said, what is included here sounds absolutely great. Given the control over individual microphones, the ability to pitch—shift the individual kit pieces and to adjust their transients, it is possible to conjure a huge range of acoustic drum sounds from SD 2. I'm not sure I'd find myself delving into the various bleed options too often, but the ability to blend the close mics' bleed with that of the overheads and room mics allows you to add as much or as little ambience as required.

The Bounce dialogue provides plenty of options for creating multitrack audio outputs from SD 2. One might expect all this realism to come at something of a cost in terms of computer resources but, in basic use, SD 2. CPU load only really seemed to pick up when I inserted more instances of the various effects plug—ins into the mixer.

RAM use is perhaps more of an issue as the 'full' version of the default kit requires almost 1GB to load. However, options such as the system 'cache' which only loads samples as they are used , 16—bit mode and the ability to limit the velocity layers can all be combined to reduce this quite dramatically while composing, and can then be switched off again when it comes to the final mix.

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Alternatively, SD 2. This bouncing is done at the highest quality and, as well as just creating a standard stereo mix, can be used to create audio tracks for each virtual microphone. In essence, this will generate a multitrack audio performance — just as if you had recorded a real drum kit — ready for mixing with the rest of the audio in your project. It's difficult not to be impressed by what SD 2.