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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for The Sims 3: World Adventures for Macintosh. If you've.

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In fact, other than support for plug-ins mostly for DRM'ed documents I can't think of anything Foxit does less well than the Adobe product, and it is much smaller and faster! I have been using Foxit Reader for years. Also Bullzip for my PDF printer app. Both are much faster and more secure. Adobe has never ever caused me any issues security or speed. This sounds like yet another attempt to have a go at something perfectly harmless tat's been around for years and it's free!!!!!!!!

Has there been any testing on the integrated so called pdf readers????

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I doubt it, and they're probably more likely to cause a problem than Adobe!!! Any alternative PDF readers I've used over the years caused exactly no problem at all, while Reader constantly froze when opening anything over a hundred pages. It's free, but it's definitely not harmless. Security holes are found every so often, and it eats more resource than a reader should. I completely disagree when you tell someone to upgrade their PC just to run a reader software. It's hardly necessary. Firstly I didn't suggest getting a decent pc to just read Adobe pdfs.

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What I really meant was that if your pc is struggling with something like Adobe reader, then you really could do with either someone checking your pc and or upgrading as all my pcs I have ever had and I've built many have never ever had trouble with Adobe reader. I just checked how many pages my current pc will load and how long, it was a car manual with pages and loaded completely within less than 2 seconds. Now that's my experience with Adobe and I just did a search on the net to see if there are any posts like this, guess what not a single one. Please will sites like this stop rubishing perfectly good software!!!!!!!!!!

Adobe's software is not just a dumb reader. It can even fill questionnaires in PDF's. It allows interactive content on PDF's. I've seen a demo of it some time ago by an Adobe specialist and I've even no idea it could do such things. You make a good argument. Most people never make use of those options though, which is unfortunate as they would help alleviate a lot of business problems inexpensively. I think some companies and enterprises use such technologies. Therefore we don't see them much around. I agree. It does offer lot more security holes than other PDF readers. That alone makes it unfit for use, no matter what other features it might offer.

True, but Foxit Reader can be used to fill out forms and even to type over existing PDFs great for those forms that were not designed to be interactive, i. This is true, adobe reader hugs too much space on computers.

Set the Default PDF Viewer in Mac OS X Back to Preview

I have tried to use alternative PDF readers and in most cases I have done this successfully, but occasionally I will meet a web site that will insist that Adobe Reader be used to open the PDF file. Personally, I can usually work around that requirement, but I have users that would be quite frustrated if they had another reader installed. I also like Sumatra reader, but it tends to be light on features.

Quite the contrary, as I picked Sumatra as my primary reader because it doesn't have bell-and-whistles. I use Foxit Reader and there have seen a number of security patches over the years.

However, the number and seriousness of those is far less than in Adobe Reader. What the heck is the reason for that requirement? Can't the company do a bulk-license on Pro? That's what they did at my office; got like 50 licenses cheaper than 1 personal. When I installed the adobe reader app, it didn't require any licensing info so I think this app is free.

I quite agree. I use Adobe at work only because it is there, but personally have used Foxit for years. So, we can jsut pull Adobe Reader off our comp if we use Firefox exclusively? To fully ditch adobe reader in favor of Firefoxes built in PDF reader, this add-on is a must: It lets you open every single pdf document in the browser, even those that normally force you to download them. This plugin is also very useful for things like opening.

I never did like Adobe Reader.

Open a PDF in Preview on a Mac

Same with Firefox. Adobe Reader just isn't a good piece of software, yet their other products are so good. Top Deals.

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Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I use Sumatra PDF since years without any problem.

Best PDF viewer for the Mac: Reader vs Preview :: Two Guys and a Podcast

Is there any internet in Syria. Hey Richard.

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PDF-Xchange for me is the best. Very lightweight and functional. Thanks, I'll give that a try. Windows 8. Their heart and souls. Not agree, i like adobe reader, its free, and easy to use.

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Adobe reader has gotten really bloated. I'm using it too and it can display pdf thumbnails in explorer as preview. It is good to open PDF file direct on the screen. Adobe updater is satan's gaming software FoxIt reader does everything I need.

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For home users, there will be no need of Reader. After reading this, I'll use Google Chrome! I use Foxit Reader. I works very good for me. Being a Linux user, I use Okular which is sufficient for my use.