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Probably the best thing about this program is that it is totally free. But there are some tradeoffs that come with that.

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Most notably, it lacks the ability to compress content on a larger commercial Blu-ray onto a smaller-capacity blank disc. Of the products we reviewed, Express Burn was the best. It also burns data discs, which are great for backups and a good alternative to cloud storage and external hard drives. When a new program comes out or a software update is released, we subject it to a battery of tests and compare it to other products to find out which one is the best. We use each program to burn a new copy of a commercial Blu-ray movie, and our team of video experts inspects the copied footage for quality degradation such as compression artifact, motion blur and interlacing issues.

We also time how long it takes to make a new Blu-ray with each product. As we evaluated the best Blu-ray burning software, we subjected each application to a battery of tests:. Using each product, we burned test copies of multiple Blu-ray discs. We then asked video experts to watch each burned disc and note any video or audio degradation compared to the original. So, no matter which software you choose, you can burn copies that are indistinguishable from their source discs — as long as you have the right size blank Blu-ray, of course.

However, blank Blu-ray discs large enough to make perfect copies can get expensive.

As such, the best Blu-ray burner applications let you compress the content on commercial Blu-rays to fit onto less-expensive, smaller-capacity blank discs or even onto DVDs. Compression almost always causes quality loss, and our video experts noted that while the new discs lost some of the high-quality Blu-ray goodness of the original, the compressed footage was surprisingly good.

Pixelation, motion blur, interlacing and other quality issues were minimal. Even the DVD compression copies were as good as or better than their store-bought counterparts. If you're making a disc-to-disc copy, expect it to take at least three hours. If you need to make multiple copies, we recommend extracting the ISO file to your computer and burning discs from that.

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Doing this instead of burning individual disc-to-disc copies can save you hours. When we timed how long it took each application to burn a new disc using an extracted disc image, we found that, on average, it took about 45 minutes to make a copy.

What You’ll Need

Compression takes a bit longer, especially if you're compressing the movie onto a blank Blu-ray disc. In our tests, we found it takes up to 13 hours to compress a 50GB commercial Blu-ray movie onto a 25GB blank disc. We found this was true regardless of whether we burned a disc image or made a disc-to-disc copy. Some are intended for more tech-savvy users, and people with less technical knowledge may experience a slight learning curve when using them. However, after a burn or two, even these more difficult programs are easy to get the hang of.

The best programs eliminate the guesswork and are simple enough that a casual user can burn new discs on the first try. As we evaluated Blu-ray burning software, we used the following criteria to determine which applications are the best:.

How to burn a CD, DVD or Blu-ray on a Mac

You can pick up a barebones Blu-ray burner program absolutely free. Copy Before any Blu-ray burner can start copying, it must first overcome the anti-piracy protections found on nearly every commercial disc. Most of the software we reviewed can do this. If a program cannot decrypt commercial discs, its usefulness is limited to copying homemade and unprotected Blu-rays.

Once there, you can use the ISO file to burn unlimited copies of the movie without needing the original disc. This is a great timesaver if you want to make multiple backup copies of your movies. Output Each application we reviewed can make an exact replica of a Blu-ray movie. This means you can use any of the products to burn a new copy of your Blu-ray movies with no quality loss. The best Blu-ray burner programs compress large commercial discs to fit onto blank small-capacity discs, which are less expensive.

Keep in mind that compressing a movie results in a loss of quality compared to the original. Customization There will be times you simply don't want to burn an exact copy of a disc, and the best Blu-ray burners let you customize your new disc with only the content you want.

Top 6 Blu-ray Burning Software for Mac You Shouldn't Miss

For example, you may only want to back up the feature presentation. In this case, software with a "Movie Only" option can automatically strip away all menus, special features and audio tracks from the disc, which saves space on your hard drive and blank Blu-rays. Some programs even let you split the content onto two separate blank discs. This is a good option if you want to back up all the content on a Blu-ray but don't have the more-expensive blank discs to make an exact copy.

Step 3 : Click "Add Media File s " to add the video file into the program.

2. Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac

Or you can drag the media file directly into the main interface. Select aspect ratio and video quality according to your needs. Then click "Next". Step 5 : If you want to edit the video, or add video effects, you can click "Power Tool". You can edit video, audio, subtitle, clip video, merge chapter, split chapter, set thumbnail setting, and more. For video editing, you can clip, crop, rotate, adjust video, add watermark and effects. Then click "Apply".

Mac Blu-ray Creator, convert and burn all videos to Blu-ray

Step 6 : After all settings done, click "Next". Then, you can choose "Menu Template". There are many types of templates like family, wedding, travel and others. You can also customize the template with ease.

System Requirements:

Step 7 : After choosing all settings, click "Burn" to burn your own designed Blu-ray movie. Before burning, you can preview the new-made Blu-ray movie as you like.

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  • With the multiple functions, you can easily make Blu-ray movies. You can also backup your Blu-ray to a DVD disc. This program allows you to edit video and customize output effects. It is simple to turn your video to Blu-ray disc, folder or ISO file. There are many different menu themes you can choose to perfect your Blu-ray file. There are many free disc menus and templates you can choose according to your needs.