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Plain 1. Plain Script 1. Plastilin 4. Pollock 4.

PT Sans Font Family

Popular Script 1. Positiv 2. Pragmatica Pragmatica Slabserif 6.

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Pravda 1. Priamoj 1. PriamojProp 1.

Download / Install Custom Font for PowerPoint Presentations

Private Sans 3. Proba Pro Profont 1. Propisi 2. Prospect 4. TT Prosto Sans TT Prosto Sans Condenced Proun 4. PT Earthquake 1. PT Lightning 1. PT Mono 2. PT Root UI 4. PT Sans 8.

PT Sans Pro PT Serif 6. PT Serif Pro Pushkin 7. Type designers: Sans-serif , grotesque , Humanist sans serif , text. PT Sans is a free comprehensive type family intended for a wide range of applications. It consists of 8 styles. The design combines traditional conservative appearance with modern trends of humanistic sans serif and provides enhanced legibility especially in caption styles.

Alongside the conventional use in business applications and printed stuff, these features made the fonts quite useable for direction and guide signs, schemes, screens of information kiosks and other objects of urban visual communications. The font was designed by Alexandra Korolkova with the assistance of Olga Umpeleva and under the supervision of Vladimir Yefimov and released by ParaType in The quick brown fox jumps over the Full font name. World Thinking Day. Oscar Ceremony World Writer's Day. Mardi Gras. International Women's Day. Select font. To work with fonts you need to enter your account.

Webfont Kit

If you don't have an account, register now. Login Create account. To download free fonts you need to log in. Select pair. To do this you need to log into your account. Specialists in graphic linguistics at the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences were invited to work as experts. They helped to develop a character set and prepare a special website section with information about national written language.

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The Paratype team did great work on this project and not only developed a functionally sound set of fonts with a beautiful modern design but also spent a considerable amount of resources on its technical and linguistic preparation. With all of this in mind, the font has been released with an open license meaning it can be used for free without restriction, for any purpose.

The idea of creating a free font for all the peoples and nationalities of Russia emerged a long time ago and was discussed on many occasions. We believed that such a font is essential to the development of modern society and that the right to the font should be constitutionally mandated. Indeed, the government spends money on promoting literacy among the people and then gives vendors of operating systems and software complete control over the font.

The vendors supply the fonts as part of their products, and these fonts de facto become the standard, insofar as the purchase them along with their computers. The majority of people do not care, and nor should they, who made these fonts and what licensing restrictions they have.

Paratype PT Sans Free Font License v1.00

Along with restrictions on their use, the Cyrillic character set these Western fonts have is usually not very good from a design point of view: The last requirement is of particular importance to us, and not only because we would not have enough funds ourselves for such a large-scale project. We wanted to set a precedent because it was not about some exclusive fonts that would be used for achieving professional or business goals.

This font aims to meet the basic needs of citizens: We could meet all but the last requirement, and only a slight problem remained: This may come across as crazy to many these days, but I did not doubt that the authorities would understand and support our initiative. And such was the case. In early , the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications Rospechat held a round table dedicated to the th anniversary of the Russian typeface, where we proposed this project; and it was instantly met with eager approval. We planned the work itself for , which gave us an opportunity to discuss, prepare, and plan all the project stages.

Fortunately enough, the lead project designer was chosen very quickly, which was unexpected. While the company management was considering to whom they could assign this important state project, our art director Vladimir Efimov took the initiative with his usual determination: Everybody liked the sketches, and the question was settled. In , the real work of discussing the type-family composition and the starting of a more detailed design began. The first files appeared in the early summer when the contract with the government had been signed. Further work was carried out on a very tight schedule.

Alexandra was assisted by Olga Umpeleva. Concurrently with the design work, Sergey Bolotov was doing a vast amount of work: Gennady Fridman and Boris Levin helped Sergey and Vladimir to understand, process, and filter the entire volume of data and to develop a character-set standard. At the same time, Gennady created pages with information about national alphabets on our website. We sent the links to interested parties from different republics and regions, including language institutes and local government committees on culture and writing, engaging them in discussions related to their linguistic issues.

As soon as the typefaces were ready, they were given to the production department for processing in order to optimize their rasterization on monitor screens. It takes a trained specialist about a month to process a font with characters. From the middle of October, four, and sometimes even five, people were involved in this work.

The specialists had to review all the font characters coming in 48 sizes, and manually correct all of the areas where pixels stuck to each other, symmetry was broken, and other faults could be seen. All of this had to be done for three rendering modes: Meanwhile, Konstantin Kunarev was occupied with programming features, processing kern classes, and writing macros intended to simplify repetitive operations. On December 25, the release candidate versions were built.

We believe that our license document is short, simple, and clear. It essentially stipulates that the fonts can be used for any purpose except fraud. Since the fonts are free, they cannot be sold on.

PT Sans Regular Font for Web & Desktop on Rentafont

If they are supplied with a commercial product with a price tag, then the price of the product should not be increased on account of these fonts being included, i. Users can rest assured that by installing PT Sans, PT Serif or PT Mono, they are acquiring a font that has passed our quality-control check and that any complaints regarding it can be directed to us.

You can make your own versions, add whatever you want, for example, Occidental or Greek fonts, but call them something else. Typically, there is a basic license for a product, and there are translations of the license. The latter often are intended for information purposes only and are not official licenses. However, there is a finer point. For such products, the inclusion of an official English license is essential; and we are often asked to have our license correspond word for word with the Open Font License OFL.

We are ready to provide a version of the font with the OFL upon request. Besides, this font will probably be distributed with other licenses as well. For example, if it is distributed with Windows, it will have the license that also applies to other fonts supplied with the system. These do not limit but extend the possibilities for using the font. From this point of view, enabling support in such fonts for Esperanto or languages of neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan or Tajikistan, is not justifiable. Although there are more of such people living with us than there are Yukagirs, we do not have civic obligations, social responsibility, or items in the budget for the development of state languages of other countries.

PT Sans Pro is a comprehensive type family intended for a wide range of uses. It consists of 32 styles: The design combines a traditional conservative appearance with modern trends of humanistic sans serif and provides enhanced legibility, especially in caption styles.