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It seems to me like the missing piece of the puzzle is the "Virtual Switch Layer". Would I be right in saying that the missing component is the virtual switch port dot1q and the way that the host OS maps this to the virtual interfaces that are created?

What is a MAC-based VLAN and how does it work with my managed switch?

Wiresharking and TCPDumping the NIC on the firewall shows no traffic arriving from the host OS virtual interface even though wireshark on the host shows outbound connections. Probably trying to achieve the impossible in this case. Is this a fair assumption? For what you've described, you're trying to accomplish a ESXi type configuration on Fusion Anyway, I don't think that the network interface on Fusion is comparable to a vSwitch in ESXi, or has any do1q capabilities. But tagged traffic is like any other traffic but tagged and should pass to Mac Host through a bridge interface.

Another solution would be to use a second VMGuest, assign several interfaces one for each VLAN plus one more for receiving tagged packets.

MicroNugget: How to Connect GNS3 to Live Gear with a 802.1q Trunk on a Mac

For Fusion 4, it's a command line job. But you can find several references about howto on google. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

MAC OS Networking Issue - Interface VLANs and Virtual Adapter

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User profile for user: Camelot Camelot. Do not confused VLANs with subnets. Two completely different beasts. None of this needs a specific VLAN. If you enter VLAN IDs but don't configure the switch with the corresponding tags then the network connection will break.

What I'd like to try is have a Virtual Machine and my Mac see each other with out my Mac being physically tied to a Router. You mentioned.. Or is it under the 'gear' manage virtual interfaces, that you create a default VLAN.

Vlan tagging | MacRumors Forums

Thanks for your help so far. In other words, you can create multiple interfaces on your machine, all that have no VLAN associated with them. That's ideal for what you're trying to do here. I assigned it a static But it shows it's status as disconnected 'RED'. No physical cable attached. Is there a way of making it 'Green" active in a virtual world? Or how do I connect my Mac to that interface?