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The space requires a mesmerizing, powerful musician and lyricist to command the room with little musical support — perfect for Mac, one of the fastest-rising new artists of the day. Armed with nothing more than a guitarist, a drum machine, occasional keyboards and lyrical support from her younger sister Hannah Mac — a solo career-worthy talent in her own right — Mac used her distinct, impressive voice to drown out everything else, entrancing the entire audience.

For roughly an hour, eyes were glued and ears perked up.

She complimented the night with a healthy collection of hits from her debut album that proves the singer to be a maturing artist, enriching her original sound with a combination of upbeat and tampered tempos and emotions. Her the range of notes, depth of her voice and seemingly impossible injection of energy can never be fully appreciated without experiencing her live performances.

Post-Splendour comedown has been hard. Real hard. Not in the flu way. Those smokey vocals work magic over a full-bodied, throwback beat and the repetition at the backend of the chorus is so addictive. Disclosure Omen Featuring Sam Smith.

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After weeks of teasing their new collaboration with Sam Smith , Disclosure finally dropped it and it was worth the wait. This one is all about those layered, church-inspired vocals that bring the chorus into holy territory. The OVO singer is also channelling some serious Drake vibes on this one with that monotonal but somehow alluring vocal.

Tink L. Tink fires-off over an uminstakeably Timbaland beat.

Album Review: Meg Mac ‘Low Blows’

The best thing about how Tink works with Timbaland is that she genuinely makes him better rather than just moulding to his sound. Below is the full mixtape to listen and download. She caresses a late-night instrumental with her crisp, profound voice and works the verses up to a chorus that ever so subtly takes you over.

This is bedroom music. Chet Faker Feat. This is shit. Wave Racer Flash Drive. You can pre-order it here. Commercial radio has always been whinged about. Despite the emergence of spotify, iPod inputs in cars and digital music in general, what radio plays continues to translate to sales.

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And while sales nowadays also put pressure on radio to play high-selling tracks, if radio takes a chance on something, it usually means the public does also. This week the radio airplay charts are a grim sight. Probz Yeah, us either and The Madden Brothers. A few British artists sneak through but it still tends to take its cue from whatever Ryan Seacrest is doing. Australian radio is suffering from a lack of innovation as it is so far down the cultural food chain.

This may also be the reason that radio shies away from home-grown talent. While that may seem positive, this includes Iggy Azalea, Sia and Five Seconds of Summer who spend more time away from the country than in it at present.

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  • Iggy Azelea found it onto Australia radio but not until she was adopted in America with a record that has no Australian fingerprints on it, really. The three of them sounded completely foreign on commercial radio but with each play a revolution was started. Flume is now the most sought-after electronic artist in the country, the Black Keys have been upgraded to an arena-band and Lana Del Rey has just debuted atop the ARIA charts with her sophomore record, Ultraviolence. So, below are a few artists that would find a comfy home on commercial radio while keeping their innovative edge, independent status and creative control.

    Her tracks have a straight-forward simplicity to them with optimistic pop-hooks that would be delectable to commercial radio. If radio were to take a chance on a young Australian artists, my money would be on Mac. Had she been a winner of The Voice, her tracks would be eaten up by radio. At 13, she was signed to Universal Music Group which certainly helps with radio airplay. His dark, pop tunes could be the perfect antidote to some of the over-thought music coming from male songwriters at the moment.

    Once they catch on, Australia will follow.

    Song Lyrics

    This Nashville trio is slightly too enigmatic at this point to make it in the mainstream, but their songs suggest otherwise. Touches of Ryan Hemsworth-esque electronica ensure that Liz sounds contemporary while having a throwback sound. While the RnB revolution has flooded online blogs, Ariana Grande is perhaps the first artist to bring it to radio.

    Hold tight Liz-lovers.

    MEG MAC lyrics :

    Unfortunately, sometimes when the best things in life come together it can be catastrophic. Just as Zedd entered the building at the mark and it sounded like the song was peaking to something a little more exciting, it promptly ended. Hannah: In need of a drinking game?

    Meg Mac - Low Blows Lyrics | LyricsHall

    Shots, shot, shots, every time this song features in a marketing campaign over summer. Plot twist? Sam: I feel like the whole EDM meets pop thing is such a tired formula. But, Zedd and Ariana just get this one so right and it comes down to two things. The first is Zedd has no ego in this.

    Meg Mac - Low Blows

    He forgoes huge drops in favour of stellar verses and never overwhelms with bass. This could be the biggest selling song of the year.

    Meg Mac - Bridges ('Like A Version' Broods Cover)

    Do what You Wanna Do is certainly a shameless little bit of fun. Hannah: A decade in the making from the man himself, I kind of expected a little more. Sam: So many warm fuzzies on this one. After five decades Nile Rodgers is still the king of disco. At a time when debate over the quota for playing local artists on Australian radio is increasingly in the spotlight, McInerney knows how crucial it is to gain support from your home country.

    With her daring new record hitting national airwaves and her voice being broadcast more widely than ever, Meg Mac is just getting started. Winston Surfshirt releases new single and announces regional tour dates. Music Interviews. Meg Mac on nailing her sophomore album and the importance of learning on the job. Liked this?